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Don did an excellent job on these fragile windows and exhibited an expertise and knowledge base that proved our confidence in his work to be well founded.
— Dr. Stanley Teeter
The work was beautifully done in good time, and with the loving care of a master craftsman.
— Kenneth E. Botts
Mr. Bearden is an expert in the field of stained glass, especially Tiffany. We were very pleased with the work that was done in a timely and professional manner.
— Donald W. Weeks
Your expertise of assessing immediate needs versus future needs and providing a financial plan that we could work with made a questionable project a completed project.
— Pastor Fank Eberhart
I am happy to recommend Mr. Bearden for any work on stained glass windows, and especially Tiffany windows, for which he has outstanding qualifications.
— Rev. Laurence T. Dody
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